Dropbox is a file storage service, which allows you to store any sort of content. The files are synchronized between all machines where the Dropbox app is set up and you could access them via any type of device, even a smartphone. Unlike a hosting service where the files are executed and an html file, for example, shall display as an actual site with text and images on it, in Dropbox you'll see the content as a list of folders and files. If you already have an account with them or start a new one, you can reap the benefits of our complimentary service and you can link a hosting account on our end with the Dropbox account so that our system can create regular backups there. In this way you could have a copy of your content on our hosting servers, on their servers and also on your PC and you shall be able to access it from any unit so long as the Dropbox app is set up, which will give you more protection if something happens with your info, such as an unintentional deletion, for instance.
Dropbox Backups in Cloud Web Hosting
The Dropbox backup feature is accessible with all of our cloud web hosting packages and activating it takes a few clicks, so you'll be able to link the account on our end to your Dropbox space without difficulty. The tool that you shall find inside the Hepsia hosting Control Panel shall enable you to pick which Internet sites and databases should be backed up individually and how many copies should be created, the maximum number being 14. That way you'll be able to have a daily copy of your data for the past 14 days in case you modify or delete something that you need. How much content will be stored in your Dropbox account and how many copies shall be available also depends on the size of the content and the disk space you have on their end. The function may be enabled or disabled at any time and if required, you may effortlessly switch the Dropbox account linked to your shared hosting space on our end or even add numerous accounts and have a number of Internet sites backed up in different accounts.