An email filter is an app that impedes undesirable emails from entering a given mailbox. An immense percentage of the email communication around the world is composed of spam email messages: offers for pills or money, forged banking notifications, and so on. That is why, it is rather important to set up filters in order to avoid not only spam email messages, but also any possibility of being ripped off in some way. Spam filters detect different things, so as to ensure higher levels of protection – specific words or the frequency with which they occur in the text, the sender’s email address, or the IP of the sender’s mail server. Web hosts frequently use the services of 3rd-party spam-monitoring organizations that offer up-to-date databases to render email filtering easier and more effective without affecting legitimate email messages, even if they contain suspicious words.
Spam Filters in Cloud Web Hosting
The safety of any mailbox that you create under a cloud web hosting account with us is guaranteed by the powerful SpamAssassin spam filter that we employ. You can enable it via the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel and it offers five levels of protection based on the spam score it gives to every email message depending on different criteria, such as the frequency of specific words, the sender, and so on. If you keep receiving junk messages, you can always raise the level or if you are afraid that you may skip a genuine email message, you can combine the automatic email filter with a custom one and forward all email messages from a particular sender to a separate mailbox. If you reach the decision that you no longer want a spam filter for a specific email account, you can disable it with just a couple of mouse clicks.